Free Radicals Test

Free Radicals Test is reagent strip for monitoring FREE RADICAL (or OXYGEN FREE RADICALS, OXIDATIVE STRESS) level by detection of semi-quantitative MDA (Malondialdehyde) amount that is known to be a marker of free radical in Urine.


* About Free Radicals :

In very simple terms, a free radical is an atom with an “unpaired electron’. This atom is called a free radical and “very reactive” in that it tries to stabilize itself by seeking out another electron from another otherwise stable atom with “paired electrons”. This action results in a “Chain reaction” and that is when “excessive free radical activity occurs”.


   Free radicals Test  - Vial type

   Free Radicals Test strip for use in the places 

   where ‘group tests’ are performed by a operator

  - Available packing units : 25 or 50 tests





   Free radicals Test  - Pouch type

   Free Radicals Test strip for use in the places 

   where a few test is performed by individual users

   - Available packing units : 3 or 5 tests

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